Sunday, 20 November 2011

A bit of a trying time

Rodders came back in from the garden with the wind in his tail and was running around like a lunatic and getting in to mischief and earning himself a few firm no's, he also got a very firm check when he was trying to bite me.

He then asked to come up and was wriggling for ages before settling down for a snooze when he and snuggle fleece got transferred to the floor.

I needed to use the bathroom so told him I was going upstairs and he could come if he wanted to. He didn't follow me up the stairs and was not at the bottom waiting for me which means he is up to mischief. Sure enough, there was a slipper missing from the bottom of the stairs and we had taken himself off to the rolled up carpet in the conservatory looking very smug! He did give it up when asked to and went back to curl up on snuggle fleece.

He has just woken up and started barking because there are fireworks going off again. I may have to distract him by going off to cook my dinner.

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