Sunday, 20 November 2011

Off to the Park

Rodders was out playing in the garden so I managed to get my coat and wellies on without too much fuss but he nearly did summersaults once he spotted me so getting him to sit to have his lead on took a while, so did sit and wait at the front door.

Once outside John from over the green asked if he could meet Rodders and I explained that he is a bit nervous of people. Luckily John is used to dogs and so he waited for Rodders to approach him which he did quite quickly and then backed off.

I popped Rodders in his car crate with a treat and then drove down to the Old Town and found a spot to park along Gadebridge Park wall which meant parallel parking. It would seem Rodders doesn't like the noise the parking sensors make as he barked a bit!

I put his lead on and got him out the car. We walked through the gate and across the grass to the main path and turned left towards the town. Rodders walked quite nicely but he doesn't seem too keen on pushchairs or bikes. We met a lady with an elderly mini schnauzer (that can't see too well) and a sausage dog/jack russell cross. We let the dogs sniff each other and she gave Rodders a fuss.

We walked to the end of the park and turned left and left to come back down the Old Town High Street. I was being nosy as it is closed to traffic today for some filming. Must be something from around the time of the Queens Coronation by the decorations and bunting. They have also changed some of the shop windows to that period and there were a few old cars about. I think it must have been lunch break though as there wasn't much going on. Good job really as Rodders pooped half way down!

We then walked down the side of the dentist, across the car park and back in to the park and turned right back towards the car.

There were some children playing with a football and Rodders wanted to go and join in, it was a bit of a job to get him past them but we got there. We walked to the far gate and then along the road back to the car.

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