Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How much fun

How much fun can you have with two yoghurt pots? Twice as much fun as one it would appear!

OH brought a yoghurt pot home with him last night and he had a new one for breakfast so Rodders now has two on the go. He has been running about with one in his mouth batting the other with his feet. He was loving it, going round the chairs and over the rolled up carpet.

And then he started barking behind one of the chairs and I got up to see what the matter was. The yoghurt pot being batted with his feet had got stuck. I moved the chair to give him better access but he carried on barking. I leant down to see what the matter was and the lip was stuck form under the skirting board and he still couldn't get it. I reached down and got it for him and the game continued.

I can see that I will be going around the neighbourhood checking the recycling bins on Friday to see if anyone else eats yoghurt! It is OK, I won't be permanently depriving the council go this income stream, once he has wrecked them they get put in recycling anyway.

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