Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Plans go to pot

The plan was to go to Pets at Home and then to Gadebridge Park for a walk.

I put my coat on and Rodders lead, grabbed the bed and off we went to the car. Once we got to Pets at Home Rodders started barking as soon as he got out the car, I think he knows this place too well.

We had a wander about and picked up some dog treats (for Rodders & Finnans Christmas present) and the pet food holder and talked to people that we met including an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy called Mia (very tiny, very gorgeous!) and a toddler who was very excited to see Rodders bbefore we bumped in to Kirsty who works there, she loves Mini Schnauzers and wants one of her own and is keeping her eye out for a rescue dog. She has met Rodders before and couldn't believe how much he had grown. She was very patient and waited for Rodders to approach her before she fussed him, her patience paid off and she got a snuggle too. He also made friends with what looked like a small white samoyed and a couple of GSD's - size really doesn't matter to Rodders!

By the time we came out of there the weather had turned, the wind was up, it was spitting with rain and almost dark, Gadebridge Park is off the menu then!

I decided to go back to the Pet Supermarket at St Albans to see if we could find another bed bad, similar to what we got on Sunday but oblong. Rodders barked his way around most of the store until we got to the toys. The cheeky monkey found himself a toy! Luckily it was only £2.49, one of those old fashioned rubber dumbbells with a bell in it. He happily chased it around the store while I looked at the beds and other things. Several people stopped to talk to him but there were no dogs in today. We didn't buy a bed, all the right shaped ones seemed to have hard covers and I wanted something fleecy and snuggly. I suppose it would have been OK with his snuggle fleece on top.

Once we got home Rodders was happy to run about playing with his new toy and his yoghurt pots and had a mad 5 minutes while he was flying about. He then asked to go out in the garden for a piddle and a play and came back in soaking.

We then had a game of tug before he asked to go back out. Once he was back in he was happy to settle down on snuggle fleece, his first nap since about 1pm. We have moved through to the lounge and he is now on his new bed pad. I will give him an hour before giving him his supper.

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