Saturday, 26 November 2011

Not very active

Rodders hasn't been too active today, he did some running about for a couple of hours this morning and then almost three hours this afternoon and evening but he has now collapsed in a heap at my feet on snuggle fleece. So is five hours activity in a day enough? Will he have me up at the crack of dawn tomorrow?

That said, when he has been active he has been very active (and very vocal today). He has run about the rugby field and the garden, played with the stones on the patio, chased toys up and down the house, run up and down stairs several times and jumped up me many times. He has barked, woofed and squeaked all day. Sometimes I know what he is saying, other times I haven't a clue.

We had a bit of a battle earlier over him chewing the carpet but generally he has been very good.

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