Saturday, 19 November 2011

Best walk so far

Rodders was really good on this mornings walk!

He got excited as I put on my coat and was leaping about by the time I had my wellies on. I have started to make him sit and wait at the front door like we do in training and he did it at the second attempt (first attempt on the way back in).

He messed around a little on Pentland but was fine by the time we were heading to the rugby field. We walked a little way down the field and then turned on to the Nicky Line and walked parallel to the field. He was a bit interested in the squirrels but carried on walking when asked. We got to the end of the field and turned around at the gate but Rodders had spotted a Jack Russell and wanted to wait for it to catch up and say hello. He was fine with it and happy to let it sniff him and have a sniff himself but a little spooked when it barked at him. They played for a little while and then we got over taken by a load of bikes, he was happy to sit and watch them. We then said goodbye to the Jack Russell and headed back on to the field.

There were two Rottweilers coming towards us and they ignored him completely, he was happy to look and then carry on. He wanted to run a bit so we did. Then as we walked along the side of the rugby pitch where there was lots of interesting rubbish thrown about he was happy to leave when asked.

Once at the other side of the field we crossed on to the path and started heading towards home. He was fine in the trees but he starts to walk much quicker once we are on the road and is still spooked a little by cars but was a bit better with the bus, maybe because it didn't actually come past us. He wasn't too happy about walking past people at the bus stop but did it.

We then turned left in to the estate and headed for home. We had been out for about 30 minutes and we had managed to walk further than normal. He only really sat down once refusing to move and a quick pull (or is that a check?) got that sorted.

Since we got back he has been chasing his toys around the conservatory and he has just asked to go in the garden. Might go and grab myself some lunch, once he is a little dopey this afternoon I may go out shopping for an hour or so.

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