Monday, 28 November 2011

Need to get him moving

Rodders has been very lazy today, not much playing and a lot of sleeping, so I put my wellies and coat on and we headed out for a walk.

As we got to the end of Pentland Sophie was just being dropped home from school and he started to bark at her. I made him sit and she came over to say hello and give Rodders a quick fuss, he didn't back away for once.

We made our way towards the Nicky Line and there were lots of people and traffic about as it was school chucking out time. He hasn't been very good around children so far but seemed better today and just carried on walking to heel, needing the odd check when he tried to pull.

As we got to the Nicky Line we met a lady with an Airedale and a Cavalier, the Airedale ignored us but the Cavvy said hello. We let them walk in front of us but the Cavvy kept coming back so we overtook and headed to the rugby field. To get out of their way we went on the rugby field at the first opportunity and I made Rodders sit so I could swap leads.

He loves the freedom of the extendable lead and will lag behind and then run past me. He will usually wait when told for me to catch him up if he is in front. This doesn't work too well if there are other dogs about though so we need to practice more but it does allow us the freedom to try without him being able to run off.

We did the whole field and Rodders was happy sniffing about and finding treasure to be dropped and left if he found something more exciting. Once he had something in his mouth he was prancing about and leaping off all fours like a spring lamb, very pleased with himself.

As we came off the field I made him sit so we could swap leads. He does seem to realise the difference and very quickly walks to heel again.

We walked back past Kev and Jane's and home with Rodders sitting and waiting at kerbs and doors.

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