Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rodders getting dopey

After playing in the conservatory and in the garden Rodders asked to come up on my knee and seemed to be settling down for a snooze so sat him on the floor and explained that I needed to go out and he had to stay here in his bed and he would get puppy treats.

Yes, I am aware that I sound nuts but he really does seem to understand.

Anyway, I put on my coat and asked him to get in his bed. He jus sat there looking at me so I gave in and lifted him in to his bed, gave him his treats and locked the crate. There was silence as I walked out the door.

I nipped to the tip to drop off what I forgot yesterday and then went to Tesco. As I got back home and got out of the car I could hear him barking. He went quiet as I unlocked the door and then started squeaking once he saw me. I have no idea why he was barking but after a quick fuss we went in to the garden and he piddled fairly quickly so maybe it was that.

While I was out I missed a delivery from the postman so need to go to the sorting office tomorrow.

Once Rodders had been in the garden we came in and I started to put away the shopping. We had a bit of a battle as Rodders wanted to bite the shopping bags and then me for stopping him. I didn't resort to the lead but he did get a couple of checks using the choke chain.

OH mentioned yesterday that Rodders will soon be able to get on the sofa by himself. If he wants up he stands with his front feet up on the cushion and is trying to push off with his back legs. When he can't get up there he barks and then looks at me. I think a trip to Dunelm to buy a throw may be needed before he can get up there on his own.

He has also taken to barking at anything he wants and can't get to, be it a toy stuck under a chair or the oven gloves hanging just out of reach. He does come away when told no though which is good.

He has just taken his new bed pad for a drag around the lounge. I think this bundle of energy needs a run in Gadebridge Park!

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