Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bit of a lazy morning

Rodders and I had a little while on the sofa this morning after he had been running around playing before going upstairs for me to get washed and dressed.

Having the lead on him seems to make him so much better behaved and I have not had to check him at all.

Once we came down he went for a play in the garden while I grabbed something to eat and then I decided to have a go at grooming him. I managed to comb him all over and do two legs with his slicker before he started to get bored and mess about. Even then, he was only checked twice when he was trying to bite the comb or brush. Before I let him go I did manage to clean the eye bogies and he was really good. He got a puppy treat for being so brilliant!

We may try to do the other two legs later but I think it is time we went for a walk.

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