Sunday, 27 November 2011


Rodders and I went off to the pet shop at St Albans to see if we could find him a bean bag but they don't sell them. We did come home with a nice squishy bed pad that just fits in his crate though :-) Lets see if he likes it!

While we were there we met several dogs and Rodders was happy to say hello.

First it was a lady and her daughter with a small black and white Lhasa Apso, they were a bit surprised that it was so friendly towards another dog.

Then a family with a year old Westie (Bailey) and a Mini Schnauzer (Harley) that is two weeks older than Rodders and about a third bigger! Apparently he was the biggest puppy in the litter, he is huge compared to Rodders and already taller than the Westie. We talked for a while about our grooming experience as she thought Rodders looked beautiful and wanted to take pictures to show her groomer how she would like Harley to look! She takes them both to a groomer in Bushey apparently.The Westie looked OK, but not a patch on Finnan, so I wonder what she will do to a Schnauzer! The good news here was that Rodders was happy for them and their children to fuss him and did not back off or try to hide behind me.

Rodders then found a loose biscuit on the floor and was desperate to get to it. Once he picked it up he was very proud to walk around with it in his mouth for a while before stopping to eat it up.

The final dog was a Springer Spaniel who was in for a coat fitting. Rodders had a good sniff at him but didn't seem too impressed with the coat!

We paid for our purchase and made our way back to the car to drop it off. We then had a walk about to see what else was in this small shopping area and let Rodders get a bit more used to people.

Then it was back in the car and home via the hole in the wall for some cash. He is very good in the car but he doesn't like me getting out and back in. Think I am going to have to remember this and go to the crate and talk to him before I get in and drive off - he is probably angling for another treat!

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