Saturday, 26 November 2011

Playful puppy

Rodders was taken in to the garden at 11pm last night but declined the opportunity for a piddle and came back in and took himself off to bed.

I locked up, put the lights off and sorted out his treats and said goodnight. Not a peep.

At 7am this morning there was one bark and I lay in bed listening to see if there would be any more. Nothing until 10 minutes later when I walked across to the bathroom when the puppy squeaking started. I came down and let him out the crate, he rolled over for a tummy rub before dashing to the door to go out in to the garden for a piddle.

He came back in and found his chew from last night and started playing, then the yoghurt pots came in to play and were being thrown around and chewed. Rodders was having a great time. All of a sudden he changed from playing to sniffing and ran to the back door to ask to go out for a poo and a sniff around the garden.

Once back in he was happy playing but came to me for a quick snuggle and then went to bark at the door, I think he wants to go and check if OH is upstairs! Another play, and less than an hour after he got up he was ready for a snooze. He came up on the sofa with me for a while and then he and snuggle fleece got moved to the floor at my feet.

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