Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cold and windy

It really is quite cold outside and the wind is now much worse than it was earlier.

Rodders asked to go out to play, walked across the patio and decided he didn't like it and came straight back in. Could be an interesting evening if he won't go out!

He has had a long nap today (part of it curled up on the sofa with me) but is now playing. I gave him a rawhide bone to see what he would do with it and he has thrown it about, chewed it a bit and then abandoned it in favour of his normal toys.

He has asked to go back in the garden and he had a piddle before starting to play. It seems he isn't that bothered by the wind now he has had a think about it.

The leaves are starting to come off the tree in the garden, hardly surprising in this wind. It is a small tree, just over 6 feet tall, and the branches reach all the way down to the ground. In the spring it has little bottle brush type things on it. No idea what it is but it makes it difficult for me to see what Rodders is up to on the back patio but it is now becoming easier.

He has come back in and is a bit over excited, jumping up and trying to bite so the lead has had to go on. He has gone back to the rawhide bone and is throwing it around the laminate floor. He does seem to like things that make a noise as he is also playing with a yoghurt pot.

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