Saturday, 26 November 2011

Barking in the garden

Rodders asked to go out in the garden after he finished eating, he hadn't been out long when he started to bark.

I can usually tell what his bark means but this was a strange one and I went to investigate. There are some old plastic sack out on the back patio that used to contain stones for the other patio and they have blown about in the wind.

I let myself out to go and move them and he came running towards me barking as I crossed the patio. I am not sure who was more surprised as I tripped over on the stones that he has left lying about, luckily I didn't actually fall. Note to self, look where you are going.

Anyway, I rescued the sacks and moved some other things to stop them blowing about.

Rodders came back in with me but didn't stay in  long. The wind does seem to make him a bit hyper though!

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