Monday, 21 November 2011

Back home

Once we came in Rodders had a mad 5 minutes running about all over the place before asking to go in the garden. Isn't it strange how a walk seems to have this effect on him!

He was happy running about the garden and found his strawberry for another chew before spotting Bob and Pat going out. They deserved a bark of course! Bob and Pat are brilliant, if Rodders is in the garden they always stop to speak to him, even when all he does is bark in return. I went out to see what he was barking at all called him to me. As soon as he is by my side he stops barking so that we can pass the time of day and I pick him up to go and get a fuss over the fence.

He was happy to stay out in the garden and play on his own while I came back inside. I was keeping an eye on him, even once I was on the phone talking to yet another recruitment agency about a potential 6 month contract.

I was doing quite a good job at explaining my work experience but had to ask them to hold on a moment while I stopped him chewing the cover on the seat outside and brought him in. Luckily she has 10 week old kittens and knew that they could go from being good to destructive in a second! I managed to carry on talking to them while he was trying to bite me and so I also had to slip his lead on and check him a couple of times. At one point, I was carrying him about as I talked.

Eventually he was happy to go down and has now curled up on snuggle fleece. Time for me to have a look at my cv and forward it on.

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