Saturday, 19 November 2011

A bundle of energy

At 11.30 last night Rodders was fast asleep on my knee where he had been for the last half an hour. I gently woke him up and told him that it was bedtime and we needed to go in the garden. He went rigid, legs out straight as I carried him to the door and out in to the garden.

I put him on the grass and he shuddered and walked straight back towards the patio, I grabbed him and put him further down the garden telling him he had to have a piddle before bed. He ran back in to the house and straight in to his bed and curled up! He hasn't done that before and I think it means I am not going to piddle whatever you say.

I gave in and locked doors, switched out lights and got his treats. Rodders didn't make a sound as I went to bed myself.

At 7.20 he started to whimper and went in to full blown bark within 5 minutes so I got up and came down. He was straight out of his crate and on to his back for a tummy rub before dashing to the door to go out for a piddle. On route he gave his stone on the patio a good sniff but went straight on to the grass for a piddle. That is almost 9 hours he had held on for!

He is definitely a bundle of energy this morning. He has found his yoghurt pot and has been chasing that around, barking when it got stuck somewhere inaccessible, teddy has been beaten up and dragged the full length of the house and back and he is prancing about like a spring lamb. He has asked to go out a further twice so far and has eaten half of his breakfast.

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