Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Getting used to being left

I had to leave Rodders at home this morning to go to the job centre, do a little shopping and drop in to the garage.

Again I explained that I had to go out and he needed to stay here. He sat and watched me put on my boots and coat and sort out his treats but there was no way he was walking in to the crate of his own volition. At least he isn't trying to run away and I don't have to chase him.

I picked him up and put him in his bed and he lay down straight away. I gave him his treats, locked the crate and walked away to silence.

I was out for almost two hours and as the front door opened he started to bark and didn't let up even when I spoke to him. I put the shopping down in the kitchen before letting him out, he did at least stop barking. He was very happy to see me and wanted a great big fuss.

Once he calmed down he was happy to go and play in the conservatory and he didn't ask to go out for another 20 minutes, looks like he is going to be like my sisters dog in that respect.

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