Friday, 25 November 2011

Tired puppy, lively puppy

Once we got home from School Rodders said hello to OH and then went for a nap on snuggle fleece for a while and I cooked lunch.

OH had fallen over while we were away and has hurt his knee, hope he is OK.

Once Rodders woke up he went to play in the conservatory and then asked to go out in to the garden. He had a piddle and then was happy sniffing about, playing with the stones at the end of the patio. It is amazing how determined he is to dig to the bottom and I went out and kicked the stones back in a couple of times much to his disgust. He also barked at Pat next door as she took in her washing so I went out to say hello. She says that he ignored her when she was out earlier as he was too busy chewing a twig.

Rodders has only eaten about half of his lunch, I thought he would be hungrier after a busy morning.

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