Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Am afternoon snuggle

I was catching up with a bit of TV so Rodders moved down to the snuggle fleece at my feet by the sofa and was quite happy there until I lay down. He then wanted to come up on the sofa with me.

He lay on a snuggle fleece in my arms for almost an hour and was disturbed by me getting up to grab a tissue. A typical man, my tears at something lovely on the TV were treated with scorn! All he wanted to do was chew the tissue (I know typical men don't do this bit!).

Once I had stopped snivelling and the programme finished Rodders got the fidgets so he was happy to come upstairs with me while I used the bathroom. He wasn't quite so happy abut coming downstairs on his own. I came down first but he wasn't showing any signs of following me so after switching on lights and shutting out the grim day I went halfway up the stairs to entice him down. He barked at almost every step and tried to pretend that he doesn't know how to do it but he made it all the way downstairs by himself.

He went straight to snuggle fleece for a moment but has decided that yoghurt pots are now more fun that sleep.

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