Friday, 25 November 2011

Sleep, play, sleep

After OH left Rodders settled down on snuggle fleece for a while at my feet. He has got up a few times to go in the garden for a piddle or to have a quick play but within 15 minutes he has come back to snuggle fleece.

He didn't even ask to come up on the sofa until after 9pm and he wasn't up for long as I needed a cuppa.

He went and found half a chew that he left from earlier and had a play with his yoghurt pot for a while and then asked to go in the garden for a piddle. Back in for another play and then he asked to go out again for a poo. While he was out I put the chew in the yoghurt pot, it didn't take him long to get it back out of there.

As a special treat I have let him up on the sofa beside me on snuggle fleece. He seems to like it and has settled very quickly!

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