Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rodders and the sofa

Rodders seems to like being up on the sofa with me and I am trying to discourage him but I know how cold my floors are. Yes, I know he has a furry coat and a snuggle fleece but even I feel a draft around my ankles if I sit with my feet down.

He has been up here a few times today and I have moved him to the floor (most times) once he is asleep. When he wants up he stand with his paws on the sofa cushion and squeaks at me, if I say no he squeaks louder!

Just now, when he was told he wasn't coming up he tried to eat the power cable to the laptop! He got a loud no and it got moved out of reach fairly quickly. He has now gone off to sleep with his head on my feet.

I nipped up to the bathroom a little while ago and he was fast asleep. You should have heard him when he came upstairs to find me, lots of squeaky noises!

I must download some photo's and add them in to the blog. Some of them show the funny positions he gets in to when sleeping.

He has played for a further hour this evening so I think we are up to about 6 hours activity today. I hope that is enough to get him through to a reasonable hour tomorrow.

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