Saturday, 19 November 2011

Rodders got left

After running around playing in the garden helping me to poop scoop and playing chase Rodders was starting to settle on snuggle fleece at my feet so I thought it would be a chance to leave him without him getting to upset.

I changed in to my boots and he knew something was up and went and sat on the rolled up carpet. As I put on my coat I was explaining that I had to go shopping and he needed to stay here. He wasn't too happy and started to try and climb up my leg.

I carried on and got his treats and put his bone in his crate, he promptly removed it so I picked them both up and put him in his bed and the bone on the crate floor, I gave him his treats and locked him in the crate.

He was quiet as I walked out the door and there was silence as I walked towards the car. I stayed out for about two hours and I didn't hear anything on my return until I stepped through the door and Rodders started barking. I spoke to him as I made my way towards the crate and the barks changed to whimpers. He had turfed the snuggle fleece out of his bed but everything was OK other than that. As I let him out all he wanted to do was be picked up and have a snuggle, I obviously needed to be licked all over for having the temerity to leave him. I unlocked the patio door and took him in to the garden in case he needed a piddle but he was far too excited and would not leave my side for five minutes and he just kept whimpering.

I left the patio door open and came in to make a cuppa, Rodders at my heels. He eventually left me and went back in to the garden to play with the stones.

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