Saturday, 26 November 2011


Rodders slept for almost two hours this morning and I think the only reason he woke then was because I was on the phone to my sister. He wandered through to the conservatory as I was talking for a bit of a play.

Once I hung up it was time to go upstairs to get washed and dressed and I filled the Kong with what was left of his breakfast kibble. Rodders was not interested and wandered off to the bedroom to get OH's slipper which he started to carry down the stairs. When that one was half way down he went back for the other one! Cheeky monkey, looks like OH may need new slippers for Christmas!

Once I went in to the bedroom he followed me in and walked off with one of my slippers. He was happy playing and he doesn't actually seem to be chewing them (too much) but he does like to carry them about. He does love to help you put on socks but the rest of the time he now seems happy to let me get dressed in peace, this is a huge improvement from trying to chew everything as you valiantly tried to out it on while he was trying to tug it off.

Every morning as I throw back the curtains Rodders comes running. I lift him up so that he can see out of the window and say good morning to Pentland! Just a silly part of our morning routine!

I retrieved the slippers from the stair and threw them back in the bedroom shutting the door behind me. I came down stairs and expected Rodders to follow me. He stayed at the top of the stair for a while but eventually followed me down.

He talks much more now, little squeaks, huffs and woofs. Sometimes I know what he is trying to say and sometimes I don't. He does always like to have the last word so if you say no to him he now comes away but has a bit of a huff. Or he will stand at the lounge door and bark, this usually means he wants to go upstairs to check if OH is there. He has a different bark for going out and coming in the door to the garden to that of there is someone about that you need to know about. More lessons in dog speak required!

Since he came downstairs he has been out in to the garden twice. It is a bit windy out so I am not sure how he will feel out for a walk but the garden does shelter him a bit.

For now, he is happy chasing yoghurt pots around the conservatory.

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