Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Awake and active

Once Rodders woke properly he was a much better behaved puppy and was happy playing in the conservatory and in the garden until it was time for me to get washed and dressed.

I filled his Kong with the remains of his breakfast and took that upstairs with me. He finished that in record time and was then up to mischief while I was trying to get dressed. At one point he ran off with OH's slipper which is a first when I have been with him.

Once I was dressed I sorted out a couple of loads of washing and the things to go to the dressmaker then carried it all down stairs with Rodders as it is quicker if you want to do anything.

I put the washing in the machine and then we went in to the garden for a game of chase. Once back inside Rodders was still running around and I was hoping he would tire himself out as I needed to go to the dressmaker and Tesco. Sure enough, he wanted up for a snuggle. As I was snuggling him I explained that I had to go out and he needed to stay here, he started to make squeaky noises in protest. Once I had my coat on I put him in his bed, gave him his treats, shut the crate and walked away. He was quiet at this point but then I found that my handbag wasn't on the bottom of the stair so I had to come back in and he started barking. I could hear him crying by the time I got to the car.

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