Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lessons learnt

So what have we learnt from last night?

1. Rodders must not sleep so much during the day.
This is my fault, as he seemed out of sorts during the previous 24 hours I thought it would do him good. All it seems to have done is mucked up his routine.

2. If we want to try and change his bed we need to try it during the day.
I may go and buy another identical bed pad and put it in his bed during the day so he can get used to it being there. He seems to sleep so much better on it so I know it is the right thing to do, it is just that bed time is not the right time to make a big change for a little puppy.

3. Rodders needs to eat more during the day, even if he is tired.
With hind sight OH thinks that Rodders was hungry when he was up with him in the night. Looking back OH thinks the signs were there but he didn't read them right. Rodders was trying to get to me and I am usually the one that feeds him, he was licking the yoghurt pot and sniffing his bowl.

I really must try harder to get this right for Rodders (& OH!)

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