Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chewing, biting, walking

Once Rodders came in from the garden he was being a little horror, chewing the rolled up carpet and then trying to bite me when I said a firm no. I put the lead on him to make it easier to check him and he carried on trying to bite my arms or legs. So he kept getting checked.

This doesn't seem to bother him much and he rolled over on to his back to chew the lead!

I decided it was time for a walk to try and calm him down. He was very excited when I put on my coat and wellies and it was difficult to get him to sit and wait at the door but we managed it. We followed yesterdays route to the Nicky Line and back under the bridge. He walked better to heel getting there and I managed to keep him walking past another dog without him barking or wanting to stop and play but once we had got part way down the Nicky Line he was being a little odd and kept giving the odd whimper. He has not done this before and I stopped to check he was OK and had nothing obvious stuck to him.

We didn't seem to be making much progress forward so I turned around and started to head back the way we had come but went under the bridge and followed the path to the Rugby Field. He stopped whimpering and was walking quite nicely. Once we got to the field he wanted to run and I wished that I had the extendable lead with me. It seems a bit mean that he can't have much freedom yet.

We walked towards the main road but turned left before it and headed home past Kev & Jane's. Today as we reached roads we needed to cross I made Rodders stop, sit and wait each time and this was really successful. He was also walking to heel a lot of the time but had his nose down a lot too.

When we got home I made him sit and wait before he came in the door.

Once inside he went for a quick play before having a mad 5 minutes where he was running the full length of the house, round chairs and over the rolled up carpets. He then asked to go out for another run about the garden. By the time he came back in he was exhausted and flopped on to a snuggle fleece.

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