Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oh what joy

Rodders was playing in the garden just before OH arrived home so when I saw the car at the back I opened the patio door. He could hear something and started to bark and ran towards the gate.

As soon as OH spoke the barking changed to squeaks of joy and Rodders could hardly wait for him to come through there gate. He was dancing around his feet as they came up the path and in to the house and couldn't what to get up for a snuggle.

OH had been working for a friend today and their black lab puppy Cookie was there, Rodders didn't even seem to notice the smell or wasn't bothered by it.

OH and Rodders then went upstairs to get slippers and use the bathroom and then came down for a play while I sorted out dinner. OH tells me that Rodders is getting very good at stopping play when he gets too excited or rough and calms down quite quickly but Rodders wasn't really ready to stop playing when dinner was ready and kept jumping up OH at the dinner table, bad boy. He did eventually settle on his snuggle fleece.

Once we had eaten and I had cleared away I left Rodders with OH while I loaded the car up ready to go to the tip. It is so much quicker to do it on my own. Rodders didn't seem bothered by me putting on my coat and going out the kitchen door without him, I am so pleased that he is happy to be with OH.

After looking at some eBay items on OH's lappie and searching on mine I think another trip to Pets at Home is on order to buy a bin to keep Rodders kibble in. It will be far easier to keep it in there and the Curver ones at Pets at Home seem far better than anything else I can find.

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