Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A late breakfast

All Rodders wanted to do this morning was sleep, up on the sofa with me, on his new bed pad, on the landing, on the bathmat, on my bed, on my knee.

He has had a couple of short bursts of play but it has really been sleep, sleep and more sleep.

At 9.45 I thought this was madness so I woke him up, popped his lead on, grabbed my coat and put on my wellies. This seemed to motivate him and we got out the door. He walked nicely to the Nicky Line but does bark at everyone he see's even if he does keep walking! We headed towards the rugby field and I swapped leads so that he could have a run about. He has a new game, dancing right in front of me! He was also on the hunt for treasure and found a McDonalds coffee cup that was huge and pranced about with that for a while, he also wanted to go and chase crows and to go and play with a greyhound. I wonder where he would be off to if he wasn't at the end of a lead! Generally he does come when called and will wait if asked, but with other distractions I am not so sure!

He sat and waited as I swapped leads as we came off the rugby field and had to be checked a couple of times to remind him that he still needs to walk to heel.

Back home he had a quick play before eating more than half of his breakfast and then asked to go in to the garden.

He wasn't ever so happy when I interrupted his play out there to hang out some washing but has come back inside to play with his yoghurt pots and to beat up teddy.

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