Friday, 25 November 2011

Such a good boy!

Rodders was so good today, although OH was here he was busy working on the house but Rodders didn't seem too bothered that he couldn't stop to play. He would go over to him every now and again to say hello and get a quick fuss and would then go off and amuse himself, either in the conservatory or the garden.

While he was quiet and calm I took the opportunity to give Rodders a comb through. He was a little knotty but was very patient and only got bored when I was on the final leg.

Once OH had finished wiring up the lights and cleared everything away he started to clear out the dreaded under stair cupboard. This has needed doing for a long time and he is good at making this particular hoarder agree to throw things away. I now have to do a trip to the tip this weekend. While we were doing this Rodders stayed as close as he could and, at one point, curled up for a nap in the smallest space you can imagine.

Once OH was finished he made time to play with Rodders and give him lots of fuss and took him upstairs with him when he went for a shower. Rodders repaid him by stealing his slippers are bringing them downstairs!

When it was time for OH to go home he needed some help to get everything back in the car. I slipped Rodders lead on and helped to carry his bags out. Once we said goodbye and shut the gate I let Rodders off for a run around in his new, illuminated, garden.

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