Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rodders wanted to sleep

Rodders wanted to sleep and I wanted to keep him awake as OH was on his way. Our plan was to go out to eat this evening and I needed Rodders to be tired.

I managed to get him to play with me in the conservatory for a while. He then spotted another puppy staring at him through the glass of the conservatory, he didn't seem to understand that it was a reflection of himself. He looked away and then at the reflection again and the puppy was still watching him. He went towards the door until he was nose to nose with it and then asked to go out to see it. He tumbled out the door so fast the he fell off the step! He couldn't work out where the puppy had gone but had a sniff about before coming back in.

While I was talking to OH on the phone Rodders piddled on the floor in the lounge and got put straight out in the garden while I cleaned up and sprayed with stain and odour removal. He really wasn't happy and barked and barked to come back in. I ignored him until he quietened down. When he was allowed back in he rushed straight to the spot to make sure I had cleaned up properly, cheeky mutt!

We went upstairs so I could use the bathroom and I tried to get Rodders to come back downstairs by himself. We spent ten minutes with him prancing about at the top of the stairs, he would come down a step and then go back up and bark or cry. I eventually gave up and carried him down.

As OH arrived at the back gate we were back playing tug in the conservatory. He stopped tugging when he heard something and stood still for a second, then carried on until he heard another sound. Was that something outside?

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