Friday, 25 November 2011

A bit of a battle & then some fun

Rodders and I were having a bit of a battle over the bed pad when OH got home and Rodders was concentrating so hard on not letting go that he didn't even hear the back gate go. So hearing the back door open was a bit of a shock and he swung round barking until he saw who it was.

As always, Rodders was delighted at seeing OH and wanted up for a snuggle straight away. Once up he was happy to nibble his beard and ears while making squeaky puppy noises.

He eventually let OH go upstairs to get changed but he had to go too. The next thing I know is Rodders is trying to come down the stairs with OH's slipper in his mouth. Me? I had my heart in my mouth as he could so easily have tripped. Having got the first one he then went back for the second one!

OH came back downstairs and retrieved his slippers and went and sat in the papsan chair in the conservatory. You should have seen Rodders move, he ran from the lounge and launched himself at OH. Apparently this is where they snuggle up together in the mornings. Rodders got lifted up and was happy to snuggle on OH's chest, gradually getting further up so that he could nibble his neck, beard and ears.

I pottered about sorting out dinner while they carried on playing. OH moved to the floor with his head on the rolled up carpet. Rodders thinks this is a great game as he can jump all over OH's head, messing with his hair and has better access to his ears.

We had a slight issue over dinner as OH fed Rodders from the table which I don't think is acceptable.

After dinner they played some more, with OH lying on the floor moving around one of Rodders' toys for him to chase, while I cleared up and loaded the dishwasher.

We then went and watched a bit of TV and Rodders went up on to OH's lap for a while but didn't really settle. It was a re-run of a DIY SOS programme that I was involved in, by the time it got to my speaking part Rodders was asleep on the floor.

After that I left them to it and went for a shower. Once I was back downstairs Rodders didn't settle, he didn't know if he wanted to be with me or OH but he didn't want to be on the floor on snuggle fleece. I am wondering if he is finding the laminate floor too cold, even with snuggle fleece, as he would rather be up with one of us for the last few days. OH & I talked about it and we may go and see if we can find him a bean bag or something tomorrow.

Rodders asked to go out in the garden for a piddle a couple of times during the evening.

As the 10pm news came on we moved to the conservatory for more snuggling and playing. OH has got Rodders to understand when to stop playing, if things are getting too rough or over excited, and gets Rodders to sit. They also play tug with the toy in each of their mouths - not sure this is something I will be doing!

At bedtime I took Rodders out in to the garden but he just came straight back in without doing anything. He always does if he has been out in the last hour or two. He didn't go straight in to his bed as usual but sat in the kitchen doorway. I locked up, switched off lights and got treats ready and OH lifted him in to his bed. I gave him his treats and locked the crate and we went upstairs to bed.

Not a peep from Rodders then or when OH got up at 7.15am. Again, we have a tired puppy who seems to be a bit like me when he is tired!

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