Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gadebridge Park Walk

I managed to get Rodders out of the house in record time, even if he did run off with my shoe as I was putting on my wellies!

We drove down to the only free carpark and then set off from there. Rodders is very nosy and wanted to have a good look at the Skate and BMX Park and is interested in what all passers by are doing.

He generally walks very well and comes back when called, unless there is something more interesting to be doing. But I am still not let him off the lead though!

He did allow a young girl, maybe 4, to give him a fuss, which was really good but he got a bit spooked by a bouncy Beagle.

We managed to walk all the way round two thirds of the park but he had started to slow down towards the end. He did also have his first encounter with water as we were walking alongside the River Gade, at one point I thought he might try to go in and test it out but he changed his mind.

Once home he was happy to settle down for a nap, I think I need one too but there is washing to bring in and I am in need of a cuppa!

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