Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OH arrives

Sure enough, those sounds at the back gate was someone coming in and Rodders started to bark. His barks soon changed to squeaks of delight once he realised who it was.

As OH came through the door Rodders was desperate to get up for a snuggle and could hardly wait for OH to put down his bags. He was jumping up his leg and making puppy noises of delight. Once OH picked him up he was thrilled and snuggled in to his neck, licking his beard, face, ears, anything he could reach. It is so lovely to see.

Me? Oh I come second nowadays and have to wait for them to say hello and for Rodders to calm down a little before I get a kiss or hug hello! Do I mind? Not really! I am just so happy that they love each other so much :-)

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