Monday, 28 November 2011

A very sleepy puppy

We said goodbye to OH at 7am and Rodders went straight in to the garden for a piddle and a poo (still a bit loose) and came back inside almost straight away.

He didn't need any encouragement to settle down on his new bed pad at my feet and there he stayed until 10.45. He then asked to come up on my knee and he went straight to sleep for another 30 minutes. I eventually gave up and woke him as we need to get moving.

He was most unimpressed as I opened the door and put him in the garden and decided to stand there and bark at the guy two doors down who was out working in his garden. Little horror didn't move off the patio at all so I gave up and called him in so that I could go and have a shower. I took a Kong stuffed with kibble with me but he really wasn't interested, he hasn't really eaten since 6pm last night.

Once back downstairs he went to play with his toys in the conservatory and then asked to go in the garden for a piddle and a play. He was out there for about 15 minutes and has come back in much more lively.

Time to dry my hair and get dressed properly, then we can go for a walk.

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