Saturday, 19 November 2011

Daft dog!

After Kev and Polo left I put on Rodders lead as we were getting to that time of the day when he can get a bit bitey and naughty.

He is quite good while it is on, it is almost like it makes him think about what he might be about to do and I have only had to check him once this evening and that was when I was down on the floor playing with him so his was a bit over excited.

He doesn't mind the lead following him about and it doesn't stop him eating or drinking, he has even made up his own game with it. He walks through a dining chair and then comes back around it so that the end of the lead is back where he started. He then grabs it and plays a game of tug with himself!

It has been a tiring day and his has been asleep at my feet for almost an hour on snuggle fleece and I sneakily unclipped the lead a while ago. Rodders couldn't even be bothered to come upstairs when I went to use the bathroom but he was sitting at the bottom waiting for me when I came back down.

It is amazing that in six weeks I am confident enough in him to be able to leave him in a room on his own for a short time without worrying that he will have piddled or pooped before I get back. The temptation to chew something he shouldn't is probably still a bit much though!

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