Monday, 28 November 2011


Rodders poo seemed a little loose last night when he went out to the garden after a half eaten supper and he had quietened down a little by the time OH arrived although he was very happy to see him and wanted to snuggle and play a bit.

Once we sat down to watch television he settled on snuggle fleece for a while but once he woke up he didn't know whose knee he wanted to be on and was a real fidget, moving position every few minutes. His tummy seemed huge and it was gurgling quite a lot. He hasn't eaten anything he shouldn't as far as I know.

OH and I were both worried about him and thought he may have a tummy ache, if only they could talk! Rather than risk him messing up his new bed pad I put his old bed back in the crate for the night, just to be safe. We thought that we may end up with a disturbed night.

He did ask to go out in the garden during the evening so at bed time he wasn't interested in having a piddle and came straight back in. OH was in the kitchen so Rodders went straight in there to say goodnight but he climbed in to his bed when asked. I gave him some kibble rather than puppy treats just to be on the safe side.

Rodders is such a good boy, there wasn't a peep out of him all night and when OH got up at 6am he didn't really seem ready to get up. This is our first frosty morning and he wasn't too sure about this strange crunchy stuff under his feet when he went in the garden for a piddle but was very happy to snuggle with OH and go back to sleep as soon as he came in.

When OH came up for a shower Rodders came to find me in bed. I let him up for a quick snuggle before I got up. He was torn when I went downstairs as he didn't know of he wanted to be with me or OH. OH and the slippers won!

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