Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Late night, early morning

Rodders had to be woken up and carried in to the garden at 11pm last night for a piddle and he came back in and went straight to bed while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready. This is become a regular event, just need him to do it during the day when he has to be left now!

He started to bark at 5.20 this morning and was desperate to go out for a piddle but he had to stop for a quick fuss on route. He came back in for a quick snuggle but went back out very quickly for a poo.

He has been playing quite a lot but got a bit bitey so I had to out his lead on. It would appear that is because he is tired as about an hour after getting up he came up on the sofa with me and promptly fell asleep. He and snuggle fleece have been moved to the floor.

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