Saturday, 26 November 2011

A windy walk

Rodders came in from one of his many trips to the garden full of energy, a game of tug and fetch with his ball was having no impact on this so I thought it was time for a walk.

I slipped his lead on, he doesn't get too excited about this anymore as we have been using it inside all week to stop him biting, but when I went for my coat he was literally doing summersaults. Luckily he let me put on my wellies without too many problems (he decided to put his nose in the shoes I was taking off for amusement) and it didn't take us too long to get out the door.

He walked (almost) to heel to the Nicky Line and then I let him have a little more freedom to sniff about. We walked up towards the rugby field but he kept sitting as leaves got caught in his legs and he didn't seem to like it much. I did stop and make him sit as a jogger came past and when he was pulling a bit too much we stopped and practiced sit and down. Once we got to the rugby field I swapped leads and he was happy to run about with much more freedom. He is still testing to see what he can and can't do on the extendable lead which is quite funny. He will sit and wait for me to walk away without being asked and then come running up and past me and then sit again until I overtake him, the game then starts again.

He soon got bored of that and was off sniffing about. He did bark as he saw people through the trees on the Nicky Line and he did want to go and play with a Jack Russell he spotted but he came back to me when called. We walked all the way around the rugby field and Rodders was very interested in a young lad sat by the trees on the far side. He went to investigate (roofers ran most of it) but when the lad got up he did he usual and ran back behind me.

As we came off the field Rodders sat and waited while I swapped leads and then we walked back home. Once indoors Rodders checked all his toys were where they should be and collapsed on snuggle fleece.

I am very glad I though to tie my hair up as it is very blowy out there, cold too. My ears are freezing! May have to resort to a hat before too much longer.

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