Friday, 18 November 2011

Mean Mummy made him wake up

About 4.30 I decided that Rodders needed to wake up and get moving for a little while.

We went out in to the garden first so that he could have a piddle and then upstairs to the bathroom. Once we came down Rodders was happy to have a bit of a play with his toys and we me. I had kept his lead on except for when he went in to the garden and only actually needed to use it the once.

OH rang to say that he had left work and was going to call in on his way past.

About 7pm Rodders crashed again and out himself on snuggle fleece at the sofa. He didn't stir until the back door went when he shot up barking until he saw who it was, then the barks changed to whimpers of delight. Having said hello and being given a snuggle in OH's arms he was happy to go down and went straight back to snuggle fleece. He wasn't even too bothered when I put my coat on to go and empty the car. OH helped himself to a yoghurt and before I got back Rodders had asked for the pot. He had his head right in it when I came in the door but was happy to leave it to come and greet me.

As OH and I were talking he was sat on snuggle fleece with the yoghurt pot just out of reach and it was almost too much effort to reach for it, but he just couldn't resist.

When OH was leaving he said goodbye to Rodders where he was, curled up on snuggle fleece by the sofa, but I knew he wouldn't stay there once the door was opened and sure enough he toddled down to say goodbye at the door.

As soon as OH went he was straight back on snuggle fleece.

He woke at 10pm, gave the yoghurt pot a quick lick and then dashed to the door and asked to go out for a piddle. He has come back in and gone straight back to snuggle fleece. I reckon that gives me another two hours to watch Children in Need. By which time he should be due another piddle just as we need to go to bed. Fingers crossed that should mean that he sleeps beyond 6am!

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