Thursday, 24 November 2011

Left him again!

I needed to slip out to collect things from the dressmaker and get the bits I forgot yesterday from Tesco. Rodders was busy playing in the conservatory so I called him over and made him sit. Once I had his attention I told him that I needed to go out and he had to stay here and go in his bed with some puppy treats. He made a squeaky noise and then went and sat on the rolled up carpet while I put on my boots and coat and sorted out his treats.

He wasn't going to walk in to his bed so I lifted him in and gave him his treats then locked the crate. He didn't make a sound as I walked out and locked the door.

When I came back an hour and a half later he didn't make a sound as I came in the front door but I could see him sitting up and looking in my direction as I came in the lounge. He let me put the shopping down before letting him out the crate and he wanted to come straight up for a snuggle. He makes really sweet squeaky noises that seem to say I thought you were never coming back but I am very glad to see you.

After about five minutes he is happy to go down and play with his toys so that I can go and make a cuppa and out the shopping away.

He never wants to go out in the garden straight away, it is always about half an hour after I get back. I suppose if I left him for longer than a couple of hours it may be different.

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