Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A better night

I took Rodders out in to the garden for a piddle at 11pm and once back in he had to be encouraged in to his bed but did get there by himself. I locked up, switched out lights, gave him his treats and closed the crate.

I didn't hear anything until 5.45am. When I let him out of his crate he wanted a quick fuss before darting to the door to go out for a piddle. He came back in for another fuss and then asked to go out again for a poo.

When he came back in he went straight to the rolled up carpet in the lounge and had a quick play with his new toy and then, when I curled up on the sofa, he asked to come too so I put a snuggle fleece down between my head and knees and popped him on it. He wanted to lick me to death for 5 minutes and then settled down. The pair of us slept there until 7.30 when I needed to go upstairs to use the bathroom.

Rodders followed me up but then stretched himself out on the landing and didn't move when I came back downstairs. I went and made a cuppa and got his breakfast ready before he started to squeak. When I went to check he had got himself halfway down the stairs and was sat on a step squeaking at me. I encouraged him down the rest of the way and he came in to the lounge and curled up on his new bed pad.

Not ready for breakfast yet then!

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