Thursday, 24 November 2011

Took a while

It really did take a while for Rodders to wake up this morning. Even when we went upstairs for me to get washed and dressed he wasn't interested in his Kong for ages and wanted to curl up on the bath mat. Eventually he ate the easy stiff, the kibble that had fallen out of the Kong. This is what was left from his supper last night and the first thing he has eaten, apart from treats, sine 6pm last night.

It did seem to perk him up and by the time we moved in to the bedroom to get dressed he was getting livelier. Getting dressed was interesting as he was trying to catch my clothes.

We came downstairs and he had a quick play in the conservatory before asking to go out in the garden for a poo. Once he was back in we got ready to go for a walk. As soon as my coat went on he started jumping up and getting excited but did contain himself so that I could get my wellies on without him knocking them over.

Once outside he spotted Adam and started to bark, he seemed quite keen to get to him but once we got close he hid behind me until he felt a bit braver and came out for a sniff. He so wants to greet people and he is getting braver, but there is a little bit of him that wants to  hide still. No doubt he will get there.

We were joined by another neighbour, who got barked at as well, and she and I walked with Rodders to the mini roundabout before parting company. Rodders did bark at another lady as she passed us, she thought it was funny, I thought it deserved a check.

We got to the Nicky Line and turned right towards the rugby field. Rodders walked to heel a lot of the time, stopping to sniff but coming when called, even when he could hear lorries and air brakes. This is huge progress!

We walked the length of the rugby field and just as we were about to move on to the field itself OH called so I stood still while I talked to him and let Rodders have a sniff about. When I hung up we walked to the field and swapped leads.

I spoke to Nicci at Puppy Party last night and explained that I wasn't happy to let him off lead yet. A) Because I am not sure of his recall and B) If he didn't come back he isn't micro chipped yet. But he is desperate for some freedom and wants to run about. We talked about using the extendable lead and she talked about the pro's and cons and suggested that he is walked to a park or field on a normal lead and we then swap to let him have some freedom. We can also practice recall that way.

So today was his first time on the rugby field with his extendable lead and he loved it. To start with he didn't realise that he could get further away from me than normal and it was a bit of a shock when he realised I wasn't beside him. For a little while he would just stop behind me and wait to see how far I would go. I would then call him and he came running for a fuss and he would then try it again. Sometimes he wouldn't come straight away to see what I would do, he didn't take his eyes off me.

Once he got the hang of it he was happy to run about sniffing things and then running to catch up and get past me. As we came down the third side of the field he spotted a man on a bike on the path and started to run towards him barking. I locked the lead and called him, as he turned and came back towards me I let the lead recoil and we carried on down the field and did the fourth side before swapping back to his normal lead and heading for home.

He had a quick play while I grabbed something to eat but has now curled up on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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