Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy to see me

When I got back a couple of hours later all was quiet until I opened the door and then Rodders started barking. As I came in I could see that his snuggle fleece was out of his bed but everything else was OK.

I put the shopping down in the kitchen and let him out the crate. He always makes a lot of squeaky noises as if to say how dare you leave me and wants to come up for a fuss. He has no interest in going in to the garden until he has calmed down.

Once he was calmer he played with a toy in the conservatory and then asked to go out in the garden. He was happy sniffing about and playing with the stones on the patio, he also barked to let me know that there was someone in the garages.

I put the shopping away but by the time I had started to unload the washing machine he wanted in. He was really good, he came in to the kitchen with me but did not try to catch things as they were coming out of the machine after the initial no.

He came with me while I hung everything on the radiators upstairs and was happy to come downstairs by himself.

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