Monday, 21 November 2011

Both been groomed!

Rodders came up with me while I had a shower. He had only eaten half his breakfast so I put that in his Kong and he only ate half of that while I was showering, washing and conditioning my hair. He was too busy barking at me, licking the water under the shower door and chewing the bathmat!

He did come in the shower when I was finished to lap up some water.

Back downstairs I changed his water in the bowl as it had gone brown - chocolate custard I think! - and he came up on my knee for a snuggle and got transferred to snuggle fleece on the floor once he was asleep.

We then went up so I could blow dry my hair and he settled on the bed very quickly. I was able to amble about sorting out my clothes for the day & get dressed without any bother.

Once we were back downstairs he wanted to curl up on snuggle fleece so I took to opportunity to comb him through and get rid of the eye bogies. He was very good and only had to be checked a couple of times so he earnt a puppy treat.

We have been out in the garden to poop scoop and he played chase with me when that was done. He did bark a bit when I went to the bin at the front door.

He is now playing in the conservatory but I think he knows that I am about to go out and leave him soon.

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