Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A trip out

Once Rodders came in from the garden he wanted up on my knee and very quickly settled down for a snooze. I decided that it was time I went out so told him that I was going out and he needed to go in his bed.

I put him down on the floor while I got my coat on and sorted out his treats, he just sat on snuggle fleece and watched me. Once I was ready to go I popped him in his bed with his treats and closed the crate. Not a sound as I left him.

I got to the tip, the petrol station and then down the town for a bit of shopping and Rodders was on his own for almost two hours.

There was silence as I let myself in the front door and through to the lounge. I think he was asleep as he didn't squeak until I was at the kitchen door and when he got out of the crate for a fuss his tummy was all toasty warm.

Once he had been up on my knee for a fuss he was happy to go and play with his toys in the conservatory. Funny little thing never wants to go out when you first come in.

We won't mention that his bed pad was out of his bed and he was sleeping on snuggle fleece in it!

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