Friday, 25 November 2011

Week four of puppy school

Rodders and I left OH to the DIY and we went off for our weekly trip to puppy school. As soon as I pulled up in the car park he was barking to be let out but he had to wait while I put my hair up out the way.

Once out of the car he was happy sniffing around until Tarka the Lab joined us. They had a good sniff at each other before Tinker the Spaniel arrived. The class before us were not very sociable and put their dogs in the cars and disappeared fairly quickly.

Sam called us all in  to the hall, asking us to get our puppies to sit and wait at the door, and then get them in to down with us standing over them. Rodders was much better at both of these today. We then did heel and sit around the hall and then playing with tuggies and leave. We didn't do so well with this as Tarka had a squeaky toy which was a bit distracting but Rodders did leave when asked.

We then moved out to the Car Park and the puppies sat in a row and then we took in in turns to weave in and out, then we walked in circles around them to heel. Rodders was quite good at this.

We moved on to the field and did sit, wait, come and treats. For the first time I actually let go of the lead and walked about two lead lengths away. The first time Rodders came just before I called him, the second time he was much better.

And then on to the agility course. Rodders did the A Frame twice and then went over the low jumps. He hated this last week but was better than me this time, I knocked the first two down! Then it was time for the tunnel, Rodders loves this as does Tarka. Poor Tinker hates it and her owner was almost in the tunnel trying to encourage her. In the end they got her to go in and out the same end a few times to get her used to it rather than through it.

While we were waiting for Tinker, Tarka's owner said how much Rodders had grown in confidence in the last week. I was really pleased to hear her say that, it made me very proud and shows that the work I am doing is paying off.

We did down and stay before walking to heel back to the hall for a progress report. Sam thought all puppies had done really well this week, more proud grinning from me!

Six weeks to go!

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