Saturday, 19 November 2011

Blimey, not used to this!

Rodders is still playing and up to mischief, my night of Strictly and X Factor is in jeopardy!

He has managed to stop running about long enough to finish off his supper.

I have had to put his lead back on as he has been caught chewing the rolled up carpet and this is usually when he gets shirty with me saying no, although so far he has stopped and come away without argument today.

He has wrecked the yoghurt pot from yesterday but I have managed to find another one in the recycling so have swapped it for that. OH may have to start eating more yoghurts here or saving them from when he is away!

He has just bounced through from the conservatory to the lounge with the yoghurt pot in his mouth, he really is so funny. Ah, but that was a sneaky diversion so he could have a quick chew of the carpet.

And then he managed to get his snuggle fleece and his bed pad out of the crate in one go. I took it off him and put it back and he managed to do it again so I took it off him again, put it back and closed the crate door. He has tried to open the crate and barked when it didn't work. I wonder how long before he finds out how to open it.

He is being quite funny but he does have the devil in him!

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