Sunday, 20 November 2011

Not a bad night

I woke Rodders at 11.30pm to go in to the garden for a piddle. He wasn't very impressed and did try to go back in the house but I managed to get him to come back on to the grass and do what had to be done.

He then ambled off in to the house and straight in to his bed, he is getting good at this! He sat there patiently while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats. I then locked him in the crate and walked away.

There was no noise at all until 6.40 this morning. When I came downstairs and let him out the crate he was squeaking with delight and rolled over on to his back for a tummy rub before flipping back over and running to the patio door to go in to the garden.

He had a quick piddle and then came back in for more fuss and a play with his yoghurt pot and then back out again for a poo.

He does like a lot of fuss in the morning and rushes around my feet making squeaky noises to let me know it is time for more fuss.

I have had to stop him chewing the carpet a couple of times this morning so the lead is back on while he is in the house. He also heard Bob next door going off fishing so had to go in to the garden to bark at him leaving.

After an hour and a halfs play he is in need of a rest and has asked to come up on the sofa. I have put him back on the floor once but he wouldn't settle and is back up here with me.

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