Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Skevi, our lady that does, turned up about 4.30pm and Rodders was already awake and was letting me comb him through. He barked as she came in the front door but went running to the back door, wonder if he thought it was OH coming home. He let me carry on and finish combing him but he wasn't happy about the slicker so I did two legs and stopped.

Rodders quite enjoys following Skevi around as she cleans, she is used to a toddler and just treats him the same, talking to him and explaining what she is doing. He does like to chase the mop and swiffer so she shut him out of the kitchen while she mopped and while the floor dried, he just sat at the baby gate and barked anyway. But it was a please let me play bark, totally non aggressive!

He ate most of his supper while she was working upstairs and then asked to go in the garden.

Once Skevi left he wanted up on my knee for a snuggle and snooze. I let him have a short rest as we need to go out in about an hour for puppy party.

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