Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Talking to OH

Today has been a weepy day for me, which is a bit unusual. First the TV Programme and then an email from my sister to let me know that she now has broadband and a telephone. Why on earth would this make me cry?

She has managed to get my Mum's old phone number, a number we have had as long as I can remember and all our friends and family will know the significance of it. I miss my Mum every single day, just some things bring it closer to the surface and I burst in to tears.

So what is a girl to do at a moment like that, she gets her OH on FaceTime! Once he had calmed me down he had a chat with Rodders who, at the time, was chewing snuggle fleece. He told him no and Rodders stopped chewing and came to look at the phone. He could see it was OH and he kept walking behind the phone to try and find him! He then got bored and walked off so OH and I carried on talking. When OH hung up Rodders started crying so I called him back. Rodders was going mad, trying to eat the phone!

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