Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ooops, got it very wrong

Rodders was happily snoozing on his new bed pad and I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I can comb him through while he is dopey. I did try earlier but there were bits I couldn't get to. He was very good and I managed to get to most bits of him without too much trouble.

As he seemed so comfy and happy on his new bed pad I thought we should swap it for his plastic bed and bed pad in the crate so, while I took him out to the garden for a final piddle, OH swapped them over. When we came back in Rodders seemed confused and wouldn't go in to his crate. We both tried to encourage him in but it wasn't working. OH lifted him in and we locked the crate and said goodnight.

As soon as we were upstairs Rodders started to whimper and carried on for ages. OH thinks that we have confused him too much by trying to change his bed at night so he went back downstairs and swapped them back and put Rodders back to bed with some more treats.

About midnight Rodders started to bark and OH got up with him. They went in to the garden and Rodders was still barking, OH was trying to keep him quiet so they didn't wake the neighbours. Once inside Rodders wanted upstairs to me but OH wouldn't let him, he then wanted to play and lick his yoghurt pot. Eventually OH managed to get him to settle down on his chest and got him off to sleep, two hours later he came back to bed after putting Rodders back in his crate.

Rodders heard OH's alarm go off this morning and started to bark so he got up and came downstairs fairly quickly. Rodders was happy to see him but went straight to his bowl, it would appear he is hungry.

OH let him out in to the garden for a piddle and then filled his bowl up with Kibble. When Rodders came in he wolfed down half of it straight away before going back to the garden for a poo. After a bit of a play and a snuggle they came up to wake me.

OH was exhausted and lay back down on the bed while Rodders jumped all over me and then him. He also has a knack of finding tissues, I took two off him before I even got out of bed.

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